What free online tools can be explored to promote learner autonomy, particularly concerning the self-editing issue?

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Much has been discussed regarding learner autonomy. Approached from practical perspectives, technology on the one hand, if properly applied, is supposed to enhance learning; on the other hand, it may lead to distraction without good pedagogy embedded. Therefore, when it comes to technology, a big question is how to ensure active learning and help learners acquire their autonomy supported by technology. One of the things in which I am particularly interested is associated with editing a piece writing (academic and non-academic) produced by a learner by using free online editing tools. One of the tools I am using is the Springer Examplar at http://www.springerexemplar.com/ which helps correct the writing at word, phrase and sentence levels. I am looking for other latest technology links like this. In terms of editing a written text, what are the most common free online editing tools/devices/links? Is there any theoretical framework connected to this? How can learner autonomy be improved through such technology-assisted editing tools?

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